Pac-Man, Sonic, Mega Man, Mario, and others are selling their houses in new ads

The folks at have found an interesting way to promote their services. The company recently linked up with another agency to mock up “For Sale” ads for some of gaming’s most iconic characters. Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Link, Mega-Man, Creeper (from Minecraft), Doomguy, and Tracer from Overwatch are all selling their homes. And Donkey Kong is selling his boat.

“The marketing team are all avid gamers from classic arcade games to modern first-person shooters, so when it came to our most recent ideation session the theme of a game-related {promotion} was one of many we considered,” Grant Simmons, VP of Search Marketing, told us. “Working with our external agency we collaborated on a number of different angles, and decided that homes of iconic game characters might be cool, as well as tie in nicely to our key mandate of helping homebuyers find the idea home to live in with a fun twist!”

Each home in the ads fit the character’s personality, including humorous notes on each home. Doomguy’s home warns that the house is huge with a big yard but the new owner must be willing to “fight off demons and deal with fires on a daily basis.” Kind of a deal breaker, no?

Check out the ads:

“As an arcade gamer since the 70's, I was glad we could include Pac-Man, Sonic and Donkey Kong's possible homes,” Simmons said. “Makes it all the more fun to imagine where these classic icons might live beyond the arcade, and get creative with some of the newer characters that gamers love!”