Overwatch’s newest animated short and map stars D.Va

To celebrate Overwatch’s Korea Fan Festival, Blizzard has unveiled a new animated short film and accompanying in-game map which both focus on the pro gamer-turned-mech pilot Hana “D.Va” Song.

The animated short, which is titled “Shooting Star,” offers a glimpse into what D.Va’s life was like before the events of Overwatch proper. It turns out that D.Va was once the leader of an entire squadron of South Korean mech pilots known as MEKA, though more recent events have led her to become more and more self-reliant, for good and ill. When D.Va is once again called into action, she learns that, no matter how much pain it can potentially cause, having friends to help guide you through hardship is a strength, not a weakness. 

Along with the new D.Va animated short, Blizzard also announced that Overwatch’s newest map is called Busan, and true to its name the map will be set in Busan, South Korea. The Busan map will be compatible with Overwatch’s Control game mode, and thus it will actually contain three distinct sub-areas in which players will do battle. There’s a ‘Sanctuary’ area featuring a traditional Korean temple, a ‘Downtown’ area complete with a rail train and a karaoke bar, and a ‘MEKA Base’ area which features the same MEA headquarters shown in the animated short.

Busan is available to try out now via the Overwatch Public Test Server, which means it will hopefully be added to the full game within the next month or so.