Overwatch’s fourth animated short focuses on Soldier 76

A mere week after releasing its third animated short for Overwatch, “Dragons,” Blizzard is celebrating the eve of the game’s launch by giving fans the fourth animated short, a video titled “Hero” which centers around grizzled veteran Soldier 76.

The “Hero” short once again offers viewers a glimpse into the world of Overwatch, a world in which robots and humans live in tentative harmony, but also in which said harmony can be easily disrupted. When a young girl in Dorado is harassed and eventually robbed of her money by a group of thugs, she tries to chase them down, only to watch in awe as they’re systematically defeated by Soldier 76, a former Overwatch operative who seems to really hate bullies.

According to Blizzard, “Hero” will be the final animated short “for this season,” suggesting there may very well be more character-focused short films on the way. In the meantime, Overwatch is set to be released tomorrow, May 24, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.