Outlast II brings the terror to the farm in new videos

Outlast II is coming, and so far it looks absolutely terrifying. Developer Red Barrel has dropped two gameplay trailers at PAX East so far, and they're dripping with atmosphere, tension, and best of all, a glimpse at some of the innovative mechanics we've come to expect from some of one of the recent masters of the horror genre.

The first trailer focuses on a very short journey after our intrepid but likely unwilling protagonist recovers from a fall in what appears to be an early scene of the game. The second follows that same character as he evades a number of flashlight-toting Satanists on a quest for hugs (and murder). Both trailers do little to clue us in as to what the heck is going on in Outlast II so you can proceed with little fear of spoilers, but beware that fear of another kind is almost guaranteed.