Origin now has DLC bundles for Mass Effect 2 and 3

While digital games, especially older ones, tend to be discounted fairly often, the same usually can’t be said for their respective DLC, and those who buy games through EA’s Origin storefront have to deal with additional headaches like BioWare Points for BioWare’s games. Fortunately, purchasing DLC for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 just got a whole lot simpler (and cheaper) thanks to two newly available Origin bundles.

Each bundle comes packed with all of the DLC content for their respective games, and that means some bonus multiplayer goodies in the case of Mass Effect 3. While the bundles themselves are a bit pricey when compared to what you’ll usually pay for the core games these days ($24.99 for the Mass Effect 2 bundle and $29.99 for the Mass Effect 3 bundle), they’re also a lot cheaper than what you’d pay if you tried to buy all the DLC piecemeal. You can find the Mass Effect 2 bundle here and the Mass Effect 3 bundle here.

Considering how much of a disappointment Mass Effect: Andromeda wound up being, now’s as good a time as ever to revisit the original trilogy, and now you can grab all of the DLC for the latter two trilogy entries in one fell swoop.