One passionate Crysis fan offers his take on where the series went wrong

The Crysis series of first-person-shooter games is one of the better examples of a series that started off with a lot of promise, but ultimately failed to make a lasting impact. In his new YouTube deconstruction video (a video that clocks in at just over an hour long), passionate Crysis fan Noah Caldwell-Gervais discusses the Crysis series as a whole and offers his opinion on where the series took a turn for the worse.

Gervais’ video is definitely worth a watch if you want an in-depth look into the history behind one of the most infamous (“Yeah, but can it run Crysis on max settings?”) and most bizarre FPS series’ ever created. The original Crysis was often lauded (at least by those with PC’s powerful enough to run it at the time) as a new high bar of both graphical fidelity and open-world gameplay, but as you’ll see in Gervais’ video, Crysis 2 and, to a lesser degree, Crysis 3 squandered that promise in a variety of ways, making it easy to see why a Crysis 4 was never greenlit.

While it’s certainly a large time investment, Gervais’ video absolutely needs to be watched by anyone with even a passing interest in gaming history.