Omori: How to obtain every ending

If you are a fan of indie games at all, then you owe it to yourself to check out Omori. This sprite RPG six years in the making takes cues from some of the best indie games out there, from Undertale to Off, from Yume Nikki to Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass.

You know what that means. Endings! Lots and lots and lots of endings. Luckily, you can obtain many of these endings through a few simple choices at key points in the game. How? Let’s take a look.

Warning, major spoilers ahead.

The Two Routes and the Omori/Hikikomori ending

This is the most major ending split in the game, as it actually allows you to play the game in a totally different way. Look at it as the difference between the No Mercy route and any other route in Undertale. This isn’t just an ending change, it’s a whole game change.

How do you do it? Well at certain points someone will come knocking at the main character’s door in the real world. To progress with the game normally, all you have to do is answer the door. To proceed down the Omori/Hikikomori route, you need to ignore all these knocks.

As a result, many portions of the game will remain locked and inaccessible, however new areas of the Dream World and White Space take their place. You will be able to experience new story sequences, new bosses, new enemies, and many extra cutscenes. You’ll also earn new abilities and weapons.

At the end of this route you will get only one predetermined ending, but the difference in the core game is worth it… if you are a kind of screwed up and evil person.

The Neutral Endings

To obtain any other endings from this point on you need to be on the normal route for the game. That means you need to answer all the knocks at your door and proceed through the game, participating in the Faraway Town sequences as normal. You will eventually get to a point where you wake up in the middle of the night during a sleepover at Basil’s house. What you do from this point determines what ending you experience next.

The Siren Ending

After you wake up, go straight home and go to sleep. This will immediately take you to the Siren Ending.

The Knife Ending

After you wake up, pick up the knife on the kitchen counter before going back to bed. When you stab yourself to wake up from White Space you will trigger this ending.

The Something Ending

This is an extended variation of the Siren Ending or the Knife Ending that plays if you go back to sleep in Basil’s house instead of your own house. It will give you an extended gameplay sequence before heading to the Siren or Knife ending.

None of these three endings are particular happy.

The Full Endings

To obtain these endings you need to confront Basil after you wake up during the sleepover at the end of the game. Doing so will eventually place you in a boss fight with the final boss of the game…





Omori himself. You will fight Omori and he will kill you. There’s nothing you can do about it. You will then be faced with a Game Over screen. While this is masked as a standard game over screen, what you choose to do here affects what ending you eventually receive.

The Bad Ending

When you reach the Game Over in the final boss fight, choose to give up. You will then proceed onward to the bad ending which is…. Honestly one of the most disturbing endings the game has to offer.

The True Ending

Choose to continue fighting Omori after the Game Over and you will continue on to another portion of the final battle. Defeat Omori in order to get the True Ending.

The Secret Ending

To obtain the Secret Ending simply go on the same path as the True Ending. However, whenever you get a chance to water Basil’s plants, do so. Make sure to do so three times and at least one every day. Doing so will unlock another scene after the credits. This is absolutely the best ending you can receive.

Stay tuned for more Omori guides, including a look into the hidden key locations and the special abyss dungeon.