Nintendo Indie World Showcase: August roundup

The big Nintendo Direct that everyone is waiting for still hasn’t come, but the big N has given us a lot of other announcements to hold us over in the meantime. On Tuesday they showcased a whole lot of new indie games coming to the Switch, and a lot of them released later that very same day. Let’s take a look.


Supergiant’s isometric rogue-like dungeon crawler is coming to the Switch with an impressive animated trailer. What’s more, if you already own the game on PC, you can transfer your progress to your Switch with cross-saves. It will be making its Nintendo Switch system debut this fall.

Hypnospace Outlaw

This weird 90s cyberpspace simulator is coming to the Switch as well. It will release on August 27, and you can download a demo and pre-order now.


This new anime inspired management game sees you spiriting the… well… spirits of the dead far across the seas on your handcrafted ferry. They will help you out, but only until they reach their final resting place, when you must tell them one last tearful goodbye. Befriend passengers, customize your boat, explore islands, scavenge for resources, and… of course… fish to your heart’s content. And you can do it all sooner than you’d think! Spiritfairer released for the Switch on Tuesday.

Garden Story

Farming simulators are really in these days. In Garden Story you take control of a cute little concord grape friend, who goes on a journey to rebuild his community. That may involve journeying into dungeons and the depths of the ocean, but it also involves picking weeds, smashing rocks, building fences, and doing al those other things you love from farming sims. It will release on Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021.

Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero

This indie classic game of underwater exploration and base building is coming to the Switch along with its sequel. They will both be heading to the Nintendo eShop next year.

Takeshi and Hiroshi

This interesting game is a game design simulator done in the style of those oldschool Rankin/Bass Christmas specials. Your goal as Takeshi is to entertain your little brother Hiroshi through the newest levels of your game. Choose the monsters he fights, craft new challenges, and make the perfect game for your little bro, who also appears to be in the hospital. Just don’t stress him out too much with difficulty… or bore him with easy encounters. You can try this new indie title, which is sure to be a tear jerker, on Switch now.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

This is a new action/adventure/puzzle platformer set in ancient India and based off of Hindu mythology. You’ll fight against a demon lord, master divine weapons, and wander through environments based off ancient architecture and art. It released on Tuesday as a timed console exclusive on the Switch.

Bear and Breakfast

Maybe it’s not that farming simulators are in. Maybe management sims of all types are in right now. In this game, you manage a quaint bed and breakfast as a bear! Does what it says on the tin I suppose. Start with a dilapidated shack and customize it into your perfect personal BnB. Welcome guests, expand your business, gain reputation and… protect your bed and breakfast from ancient forest spirits. It will release as a timed console exclusive next year.

A Short Hike

A Short Hike is a game about, well, a hike, except you get to play as a bird and use the gift of flight to explore different locales. You can stay on the path or explore off it to find new wonders. Climb to new heights, take in the pixelated landscape, and maybe even find some treasure when A Short Hike launched yesterday for the Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive.

Card Shark

The creators of Reigns have created this interesting little game about poker… well actually it’s about cheating at poker and the ramifications thereof. Don’t get caught or you might get shot. That’s just how 18th century French society goes. Learn how to trick shuffle, hide cards up your sleeve, make dirty cuts, and otherwise swindle people out of their money as you try to make a quick buck and avoid a bullet to the dome from angry card players you crossed. The game will even teach you real life card tricks and manipulations, if you want to start your career as a close up magician… or if you want to scam your friends. It will launch on Nintendo Switch next year.

Torchlight III

Time for something a little less sly and a little more direct. This Diablo­-esque loot based dungeon crawler is coming to the Switch along with its pets and base building mode. It will launch this fall, and anyone who purchases it on the Switch will get an exclusive Red Fairy pet.

Manifold Garden

In the grand tradition of games such as Antichamber, Manifold Garden is all about tricks of perspective. You’ll navigate non-Euclidian looping environments as you solve puzzles and make your way to the goal. It is now available for the Switch.


How does one save the afterlife? Through puzzle platforming of course. This neat little puzzler has an interesting mechanic that allows you to stop time and fire a projectile in midair. Hitting different gems allows you to create platforms and restore your jump. Make your way through different environments as you restore the memories of your life. It launched for Switch yesterday.

The Sizzle Real

Finally Nintendo gave us a short sizzle reel of new indie titles coming to the Switch, including:

  • Haven – Releasing later this year
  • Going Under – Releasing September 24th
  • The Red Lantern – Releasing fall 2020
  • Unrailed – Releasing September 23rd with a demo available now
  • Struggling – Releasing August 27th
  • Inmost – Releasing August 21st
  • She Dreams Elsewhere – Releasing early 2021
  • Grindstone – Releasing fall 2020
  • GONNER2 – Releasing fall 2020

And that would have been it if not for…

Untitled Goose Game

Yes, the goose is back, or we should say geese this time. Untitled Goose Game can now be played with two players, two annoying geese, for double the mayhem. The free update is coming September 23, and a physical version will be coming soon as well.

What indie titles are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.