Nintendo announces new ARMS fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It’s been a while since we got major news out of Nintendo for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s DLC pack 2. It looks like the first character is FINALLY going to be revealed. This mysterious ARMS fighter was introduced in a presentation hosted by the game’s director, Masahiro Sakurai, from his home in Japan.

And the fighter is…

Min Min! Which is great because she seemed to be the most fan requested ARMS character. It turns out that she was also requested by the producer of ARMS as well. Looks like we are all on the same page.

Min Min will excel against slower and heavier fighters but will have a hard time against fast aerial fighters. Uh-oh. Considering most of Smash’s top tier are fast aerial figthers, this might not say good things about her viability.

Min Min’s basic attacks use, well, her ARMS. Her forward tilts and smashes are all long extended punches with her ARMS. In ARMS, characters were able to move while attacking. Min Min can too, as she can walk while executing tilt attacks. This will make her a very effective zoner.

It’s also worth noting that Min Min can jump while using her attacks as well. In fact, she has access to many of her grounded attacks in the air. This includes her smash attacks, making her one of the first characters ever to have aerial smashes. Min Min can also bend her ARMS in different directions after attacking.

In a very strange twist, Min Min doesn’t have special moves, as you might expect. Instead, the A button controls her left ARM and the B button controls her right ARM. The body have tilts and smashes, like normal, and they both can be used in the ground and the air. You can extend them both separately or at the same time. This allows Min Min to basically customize her combo timing or attack on both sides of herself at the same time.

If people are using the A+B smash shortcut, executing a smash will first cause the left arm to smash, followed by the right if you tap it again.

Min Min’s ARMS are disjointed hit boxes. They can’t be attacked or countered. Only her body is a hurt box, so once again, zone away. Her attacks start up slow and mostly travel horizontally, so she struggles with anyone descending on her from above. Her attacks also have a lot of ending shield lag, so landing them from up close left her open.

Pressing down and B will change out Min Min’s ARMS type. You can only ever change out her right ARM. Her left ARM will always be set to dragon.

The Ramram ARM has low attack power, but a great amount of range. It releases a projectile after an attack which has slight hit tracking. It also arcs in a large circle upward, allowing Min Min to cover more vertical space. It’s one of Min Min’s only effective anti-air moves, and it’s also a pretty amazing edge guard.

The Megawatt ARM is slow and strong. It has slightly less range, is easy to dodge, and can’t be bent upward or downward much at all. However, if it connects it will do a ton of damage and knockback. A fully charged Megawatt smash can KO opponents around 40 percent. Sakurai suggests using it in major multiplayer scuffles where you can get cheap shots in, and less so in 1-on-1 battles.

Finally, there is the Dragon ARM, the arm that her left ARM is stuck on. The dragon is middle of the road when compared to the Ramram and Megawatt. It has decent range and decent attack, and if you hold down an attack button it will fire a laser after it extends. Since you can make both of your ARMS dragons, that means you can fire multiple projectiles in different directions and angles. ZONING!

Min Min has a slow ranged grab, but if you manage to land one it powers up her left ARM. The powered-up Dragon deals more damage and its laser has more range.

Min Min’s different ARMS affect her other attacks as well. For example, her neutral air is a swirling circular attack. With the Dragon ARM it’s slow and has a lot of range, but the Ramram ARM makes it quick and tighter to her body. Megawatt’s is slow and close to the body but hits like a truck. As you might expect, she has access to neutral A air and neutral B air and can choose between the two.

Min Min does have some quick attacks. By quickly tapping the A button rather than holding it, Min Min will do a quick kick combo, which acts as her jab. Her up tilts and smashes are flip kicks with very little range that don’t use her ARMs, but that execute quickly. Her flip kicks can also reflect projectiles if timed correctly. Her up air is also a somersault kick.

The same holds true for most of her other attacks. Her dash attack is a flying kick, her down tilt is a long range slide, and her down smash is a double sided split kick. None of these attacks use her ARMS and they execute quicker than the rest of her repertoire. They will be your go-tos if the opponent manages to close. Her down air is a dive kick that changes her momentum and lets her land faster.

Min Min’s sole traditional special move is her ARMS jump, her up+B. It charges up a spring-loaded jump from her ARMS that travels higher the longer she charges it. It doesn’t appear to have a hit-box, but it has a lot of invincibility on startup, allowing her to escape sticky situations. She can act freely after using it, so it can also be used to pursue foes.  ARMS jump is only available on the ground. When used offstage it becomes a tether recovery.

Her final smash is fairly standard. She launches an attack and if it hits, the whole ARMS roster comes out to attack the opponent.

Spring Stadium

Min Min comes with a new stage, Spring Stadium. It’s a largely flat stage with a platform in the middle. However, there are special spring pads at the edges that show up every so often. Jump normally while on these pads and you will do a super high jump. With a hit-box.

There are also small pieces of ceiling on the left and right of Spring Stadium. Knocking an enemy into them will cause a small bit of damage and will cause them to bounce off, opening up combo opportunities.

Finally, if you have items turned on, ARMS drones will drop items in containers every so often.


Every new DLC fighter comes with new music and Min Min is no exception. There are 18 new songs being added to the game including:

  • Spring Stadium
  • Ribbon Ring
  • Ninja College
  • Mausoleum
  • Crapyard
  • Cinema Deux
  • Buster Beach
  • Snake Park
  • DNA Lab
  • Sky Arena
  • Via Dolce
  • Temple Grounds
  • Sparring Ring
  • Vs. Hedlok
  • ARMS Grand Prix Final Battle
  • And two new arrangements of the Arms Theme Song and Ramen Bowl

It’s basically all of the stage music from ARMS. So enjoy!

Release date

Min Min will release on June 29. Anyone who pre-purchased the Fighters Pass Volume 2 will get her for free while anyone else can purchase her piecemeal for $5.99.

Mii Fighter Costumes – Round #6

A new character, a new round of Mii Fighter costumes. Ninjara from ARMS is entering as a costume for the Brawler. Heihachi from Tekken is entering as a brawler costume as well. Callie and Marie from Splatoon are joining as a Brawler and Gunner costume respectively. Finally, Vault Boy from Fallout is joining as a Gunner costume. 

These new costumes will be available on June 29 at 75 cents each.

In addition, certain spirit board targets will change if you purchase certain costumes. For example, facing a Cuphead spirit without the costume purchased will have you face off against Mega Man with a few alterations. However, if you do have the costume purchased, you will face off against a Mii Gunner in the Cuphead costume.

Spirit Rematch

Do you have a spirit battle that you particularly enjoyed? Well now you can go back and experience it again! Go to your spirit list in your inventory and press the X button over a spirit. You’ll then be able to fight the spirit again and try to go for a high score. You can get higher scores by equipping weaker spirits, with the highest score being granted with no equipment whatsoever.

The game will then tally up your high scores to give you a high score total. For any of you psychos who really want to 100 percent this game, you’ll have to go into your spirit list and face everyone all over again to get the highest score possible. And remember, you can take these on with multiple players too!


Now that there are Amiibo for all the base fighters, new ones are being developed for the DLC fighters. Joker from Persona 5 is getting an Amiibo that will release sometime this fall. Hero from Dragon Quest will also be releasing around the same time. Specifically, the Amiibo will feature the Luminary from DQXI.

That’s all the info Sakurai had for you today. He assured us that he will still be working on new content even through this outbreak. Expect new details for upcoming DLC fighters soon. Watch the entire presentation below: