Newegg CLG Fortnite Challenge rocks the Garden

At the Newegg CLG Fortnite Challenge, CLG pros Nick “Marksman” Overton, Chris “Chrispy” Philavanh, and Harrison “Psalm” Cheng gathered in the Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden with Knicks player Kevin Knox to play Fortnite with young fans.

“When you think of MSG’s arena, you think of these historical sports events. To do something esports related here, that’s pretty cool,” said Psalm, a former Heroes of the Storm pro who left college to play Fortnite competitively. “The future of esports is going to be absolutely dominant… Give it some time and it’ll give even sports in a run for its money.”

First round pick Knox is known for wearing a Fortnite sports jacket to the draft, making him perhaps the best-known Fortnite fan in traditional sports.

“It’s always great playing with Kevin Knox. Really cool guy, really great to hang out with,” said Chrispy. “You wouldn’t really believe that would happen at all in your life, and then he’s right next to you playing some Fortnite.”

Four games were played over the course of about ninety minutes. Before each game, a young fan was selected from the audience to play with CLG pros and Kevin Knox. All games were streamed live to Twitch.

Game one had a rough start and ended in a 9th place finish. The team stumbled in game two with an 11th place finish, with Knox commentating.

Games three and four ended in royale victory for CLG, Knox, and two lucky fans. Game three saw excellent play from Marksman, who had struggled with his controls and key bindings in the first two games. But once that was set, his play was devastating. Knox landed some impressive pistol kills while dueling along the border of the closing storm circle.

Game four was delivered by Psalm, whose excellent RPG play repeatedly denied height advantage to his opponents. His repeated full-team reboots were also impressive. Knox landed several kills before being downed in the storm; his performance is particularly impressive given that he was playing on a PS4 controller, against high-level players most likely using KBAM.

The event was also attended by the Newegg team, Intel, and Asus, all sponsors of the event. Newegg had an array of multicolor beer-pong style Solo cups set up, and attendees who landed their shots walked away with hats, power bricks, headsets, as well as RGB keyboards and mice.

CLG team members had some words of wisdom for fans looking to up their game.

Psalm encourages players looking to go pro to watch pros. “I think a lot of people spend a lot of time playing but sometimes it’s more beneficial to go and see what the pros are doing and to implement that into your gameplay.”

 “Connections are the most important thing…” Chrispy added. “The more people you know, the more opportunities that can be shown upon you if you do good… Take the risk if you really want to make it happen.”

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