New Watch Dogs 2 trailer highlights Zodiac Killer mission pre-order bonus

Fans who pre-order Ubisoft’s upcoming sequel Watch Dogs 2 will be granted access to a special bonus missions which pits them against one of the most frighteningly iconic killers in American history: the Zodiac Killer.

It’s not entirely clear whether the killer who players must track down as part of the mission is the Zodiac Killer or simply a copycat (the original killings took place in 1969 so the original killer would be quite old now). What is clear, however, is that the present-day resurgence of the Zodiac Killer has already left a series of bodies in his wake, and it’s up to Watch Dogs 2 protagonist Marcus Holloway to solve the killer’s riddles, track down his whereabouts, and put a stop to him once and for all.

Completing the mission will award a special Zodiac Killer-themed outfit for Marcus to wear. You can check out a video preview of the Zodiac Killer mission below. Watch Dogs 2 will launch on November 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and on November 29 for PC.