New Star Wars Battlefront II trailer focuses on the inspiration behind its story

Star Wars Battlefront II will address one of its predecessor’s major shortcomings by including an epic story campaign that will focus on an elite group of Imperial soldiers called Inferno Squad. According to the latest trailer for the game, the idea of focusing on the Imperial side of the conflict was born of a pitch from EA Motive, a pitch which Lucasfilm ended up loving from the get-go.

In the video, Lucasfilm creative executive Steve Blank talks about how EA Motive already had a pitch ready when Lucasfilm and DICE brought the studio on board specifically to help with Battlefront II’s story campaign. When Motive laid out its idea of a campaign that stretched from the end of Return of the Jedi (specifically the destruction of the second Death Star) all the way to the events of The Force Awakens, and which told the story from the Imperial point of view, it got resounding approval from both lead studios.

Lucasfilm and DICE were particularly impressed by the concept for Inferno Squad’s leader (and the story campaign’s main protagonist) Iden Versio, a skilled Tie Fighter pilot who comes from an Imperial family that has strong roots in the Empire (her father is an Admiral of the Imperial fleet). More importantly, Versio’s personality and family ties help to show that the Empire is more than just a faceless collection of villains, and that many members of the Empire, even lowly Stormtroopers, aren’t just faceless goons, they honestly believe in the dream of a world where the Empire’s influence allows for galaxy-wide peace and order.

Players will get to experience the epic story campaign for themselves when Star Wars Battlefront II launches on November 17 for PC and consoles.