New Skyrim mod lets players relive the power of Morrowind’s most famous weapons

In The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, players who ventured through the game’s expansive main questline were eventually able to earn and wield three powerful Dwemer artifacts: a dagger named Keening, a hammer named Sunder, and a gauntlet named Wraithguard. Sadly, while Keening made a return appearance in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it was a mere shadow of its previous incarnation, and its two companion artifacts were nowhere to be found. Now, a pair of modders have rectified that oversight, allowing Skyrim players to once again feel the power trip of wielding three unstoppable tools of power.

The aptly titled ‘Tools of Kagrenac’ mod (named after the legendary Dwarven smith who forged the artifacts) adds an expansive new storyline into Skyrim which, once completed, gifts players will appropriately imbued versions of Keening, Sunder, and Wraithguard. The questline is triggered by getting the default version of Keening through Skyrim’s College of Winterhold questline, but the mod’s creators, who go by the usernames Titansbane and PrivateEye, warn that it also requires all of the game’s DLC to be installed in order to function.

The new questline apparently contains over 300 lines of original dialogue and takes a solid couple of hours to complete, so even if the promise of wielding some truly awe-inspiring artifacts doesn’t appeal to you, the hours of additional gameplay which are also included in the mod just might.