New Second Son patch will allow players to change the time of day

According to a post on the official Playstation blog, the next update for Infamous: Second Son will include several features the community has been asking for, including the ability to manually set the time of day in the game after the game has been beaten once.

If you haven't played Second Son yet that might not sound like the most exciting feature in the world, but it's actually a huge asset for a game with such impressive visuals. My favorite part of my play-through of the game was using the neon abilities during the night, thanks to the amazing way the glowing lights stood out against the darkness of the city. Being able to run through the entire game world in perpetual night again would go a long way towards encouraging another play-through...even if I only do it to take a few more lovely screenshots:


The forthcoming update will also add the ability to turn off the HUD and cap the game at 30 FPS. There's no specific release date for the update yet, but the blog post does say that it won't be coming out for at least two weeks.