New Resident Evil 7 trailer offers a deeper look at the upcoming DLC additions

In December, Resident Evil 7 will get its final two DLC releases, the paid expansion End of Zoe and the free expansion Not a Hero. A new trailer from Capcom offers a slightly deeper look at both upcoming expansions.

End of Zoe will take place after the events of the main story, showing what happened to Zoe Baker after protagonist Ethan Winters was forced to leave her behind. Judging from the footage shown in the trailer, it doesn’t look like things will get any easier for her once she’s on her own. As for Not a Hero, the free expansion will star Resident Evil mainstay Chris Redfield, pitting him against the sadistic Lucas Baker and his devious trap-filled house of horrors.

Both expansions will launch alongside Resident Evil 7’s Gold Edition on December 12. You can watch the trailer above..