New Quake Champions character trailer shows off Nyx in all her Ghost Walking glory

Bethesda and Id Software released a brand new Quake Champions character trailer this morning. It introduces us to Nyx, a highly nimble and stealthy assassin that utilizes the technology of her race, the Melem, to temporarily phase out of existence and stealthily maneuver around the battlefield.

Nyx is meant to cater to players that are interested in a more subtle, less brute force-focused play style. And although that may sound counter-intuitive to a shooter based in Quake’s fast-paced, over the top universe, her skills are as much focused on mobility as they are on murder, which should give players a unique edge in the arena.

Nyx players can temporarily go invisible when they activate her ability Ghost Walk, but this is more than a parlor trick meant to temporarily hide from rockets and railguns. While Ghost Walking, Nyx is technically not in the same dimension as other players, allowing her to avoid all damage and potentially blink back in existence while inside an enemy, granting an appropriately satisfying inter-dimensional kill.

Giving Nyx's Ghost Walk and her general mobility a helping hand is her passive Wall Jump ability, which allows her to perform an additional jump off of any vertical surface. When combined, Wall Jump and Ghost Walk will give skilled players everything they need to rip the competition apart.

All in all, Nyx is a promising first official addition to Quake Champions' roster, showing off techniques that should add to, rather than disrupt, Quake's unique arena-style combat. There are plenty of comparisons to be made to characters from Overwatch, but Nyx's abilities seem like they're meant to enhance Quake Champions' core gameplay rather than making it the primary focus. A policy that'll hopefully set Champions apart from their chilly competition.  

To get a chance to test out Nyx for yourself, visit the Bethesda Booth at PAX East or sign up for a chance to participate in the Closed Beta, which is due to begin in the coming weeks.