New The Last of Us – Part II trailer gets intense

The Sony PlayStation Press Briefing during Paris Games Week ended with a bang with an intense cut scene from The Last of Us – Part II featuring a woman close to getting hanged. We’re not sure why she’s getting hanged, who the people hanging her are or who the folks are who saved her. We just know that this is going to be a dangerous journey.

Although we didn’t get to see actual gameplay in the shared clip, in a subsequent interview, creative director Neil Druckmann said that fans can expect to see everything Naughty Dog has learned technologically up to that point in the studio's existence. Meaning that all the tech and engine improvement from Uncharted 4 will be experienced in TLOU – Part II, and then some.

Druckmann didn’t share much in regards to story except that we’ll meet new characters in the world and be able to see their experience and their methods of survival. Check out the cut scene above and the Druckmann interview below.