New Guilty Gear -Strive- details revealed: Arcade, Mission, Training mode and more

A new update to the official Guilty Gear -Strive- website has unveiled quite a bit about the game’s modes and general feature set.

First, we got a look at the game’s new U.I. There hasn’t been too drastic of a change, however, the Burst bar is now much more prominent underneath the health bar. What’s particularly interesting is that the R.I.S.C. gauge, which was such a prominent feature of the game up until now, is nowhere to be found.

Second, we got a look at the game’s single-player modes, which have a few very interesting features. For example, the difficulty of every single-player mode adjusts to your skill level. The goal is to face you with A.I. that is always just ready to give you a challenge.

The tutorial will be fully voice-acted and will feature Sol and Ky instructing the player on the basics. It too will adjust itself based on your skill level. If you already know how to dash, for example, it won’t teach you how to dash. It will start with vague prompts like “chase the opponent down and deal them damage” and then will instruct you specifically on what inputs and mechanics it sees that you don’t know how to do.

Arcade mode is, so far, the only “story” mode announced for the game. Like all other single-player modes, the difficulty adjusts itself based on your performance. However, the story also adjusts itself based on your performance. The narrative will brand into different battles and different endings based on how you fight and whether you win. It appears as if better performance gets you closer to a “true” ending, but the website leaves it a little vague.

It seems as though other characters can join in the fight mid-battle in Arcade mode. What we originally thought was some sort of tag mode appears to be a feature of Arcade mode. If you look like you are losing, another character can come in and start battling alongside you. The same holds true for the opponent. So it might not be the case that tag-team modes will be available in versus play, however versus modes have not yet been revealed, so we will have to wait and see.

Mission mode will be a combination of an advanced tutorial and an “achievement hunter” style mode. Players will be put on a map and will be tasked with completing missions to fill out the map and unlock new goals. Those goals include things like advanced techniques and tactics, specific characters match-up strategies, or goals like dealing a certain amount of damage or performing a combo with a certain amount of hits. In this way, it’s very similar to the mission modes we have seen in prior Blazblue and Guilty Gear games, though the map aspect gives it a bit of a strategy twist.

Survival mode will task you with fighting as many opponents as possible on a single bar of health. After winning a certain amount of battles, special boss versions of characters will show up, similar to EX versions of characters from previous Guilty Gear games. In the picture above we can see Sol Badguy enhanced with a sort of red aura.

Training mode will allow you to program a dummy A.I. to take custom actions in response to getting hit, after blocking, after recovery, and much more. This will allow you to practice certain set-ups and mix-ups when used in conjunction with standard training options. It’s unknown if players will be able to save their game state since this usually becomes a feature in training modes in games with rollback netcode.

Finally, the last major reveal is the button layout in training mode. Here we see the standard five buttons of the game, punch, kick, slash, heavy slash, and dust. However, there are three more buttons, which leads us to believe that certain functions can be mapped to a single button press on a controller. These buttons appear to be Roman Cancel, Psyche Burst, and dash. The dash is the most exciting button, as it means that Guilty Gear will finally integrate a button dash, something most other high-speed anime-style fighters have done a long time ago.

The next Guilty Gear -Strive- beta is predicted to hit sometime in February, though Arc System Works hasn’t announced a definite date. The game will release on April 9th for the PC, PS4, and PS5.