New Dishonored 2 trailer focuses on the game’s memorable missions

Of all the missions players must undertake in the original Dishonored, none were more memorable than “Lady Boyle’s Last Party,” a stealth-focused mission which involved hiding in plain sight and using Sherlock Holmes-esque deduction to study three similarly dressed NPC’s and figure out which one was the player’s intended target. Developer Arkane Studios is hoping players will find a similarly memorable mission (or several) in the upcoming sequel Dishonored 2, and it has released a new trailer to show just how unforgettable some of the sequel’s missions will be.

The trailer features several members of the Dishonored 2 development team walking viewers through some of the more unique missions which players will encounter during their time with the game. If you’ve been following the sequel’s development closely, you likely already know about the Clockwork Mansion mission, but Arkane’s description for the level as a life-sized Rubik’s cube still sounds exciting nonetheless. Then there’s the “Dust District” mission which forces players to contend with both standard enemies and constant dust storm which impair both their vision as well as that of their foes.

Perhaps most interesting of all however the “Crack in the Slab” mission which involves using a device to jump back and forth in time between two different periods which are separated by a three year gap. The player can use the device to see a “preview” of how their current surroundings look in the alternate time period, allowing them to navigate throughout the mission’s large mansion setting (a hallway might be barred off by a gate in one time period, but unbarred in the other, for example).

It remains to be seen whether any of Dishonored 2’s missions will be quite as memorable as Lady Boyle’s Last Party, but it certainly can’t be denied that Arkane is working hard to recapture that old magic. Dishonored 2 is set to launch on November 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.