New Dishonored 2 trailer focuses on Corvo Attano

When Dishonored 2 launches later this year, players will have the option of playing as either new protagonist Emily Kaldwin, or the original Dishonored hero himself, Corvo Attano. The newest trailer for Dishonored 2 shows an action-packed montage of how the game will progress should a player decide to don Corvo’s mask once more.

One of the biggest changes between the original Dishonored and its sequel is that Corvo actually speaks this time around, being voiced by veteran video game voice actor Stephen Russell (Nick Valentine from Fallout 4). The trailer also gives fans their first chance to hear Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin from Gotham) as The Outsider, taking over for voice actor Billy Lush who voiced The Outsider in the original Dishonored, and Rosario Dawson (Clair Temple in Netflix’s Daredevil) as whaling captain Meagan Foster.

The trailer does a good job of highlighting why Corvo and Emily are forced to fight their way through both Dunwall and the game’s new locale of Karneca. As it turns out, Delilah Copperspoon (the main antagonist from the Brigmore Witches DLC for the original Dishonored) has managed to impersonate a member of the Kaldwin family and has overthrown Emily as the Empress of Dunwall. Naturally, Corvo and Emily aren’t too happy about that.

Players will be able to help Corvo and Emily claim their revenge when Dishonored 2 launches on November 11 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.