New Dauntless trailer shows off Shrike and Pangar fights

Dauntless, the upcoming game from developer Phoenix Labs, will be an online RPG which is all about teaming up with other players in order to take on giant monsters and the game’s newest trailer shows two such monsters in action.

The trailer, which Phoenix Labs unveiled during last weekend’s PAX East event, briefly shows some of the various weapons players will be able to craft and wield (including a large hammer which can double as a crude firearm) before transitioning into gameplay footage which features players battling two different beasts. First, there’s the previously revealed Shrike which is basically a giant bird that can use both physical and wind-based attacks. Next, there’s the reptilian Pangar, a scaled creature that can cover all its angles using a tail swipe and an AoE ice attack.

Phoenix Labs plans to release Dauntless for PC sometime this year. For more information (and to sign up for the upcoming closed beta), you can visit the game’s official website.