New Dauntless trailer shows combat and crafting

A new trailer for Phoenix Labs’ in-development MMORPG Dauntless shows off a bit more of the game’s active combat and also offers a glimpse into how crafting will work.

The trailer shows more of the bread-and-butter gameplay that will serve as the core of Dauntless’ appeal: grouping up with fellow players and taking the fight to massive creatures called Behemoths. Actively dodging a Behemoth’s attacks will be a key component for attaining victory, but as the trailer also shows using the materials you gather from slaying one Behemoth can help you forge new equipment that can give you a greater edge in fighting another. Forging a fire sword can help against ice-based Behemoths, for example.

Dauntless is currently set for a PC release later in 2017. You can find out more at the game’s official website.