This new Arkham Knight statue will cost you nearly $1,000

Even though Batman: Arkham Knight was released roughly two years ago, new physical goods for the game continue to be produced, most of them fitting nicely into the “high-priced collectibles” category. Case and point: a new statue of the Dark Knight himself that will cost you nearly a grand to own.

The 33-inch statue, which is being produced by Prime 1, comes in a unique-looking white finish and features Batman dressed up in Arkham Knight’s version of his ‘Batman Beyond’ outfit (one of the various DLC outfits that players could get their hands on). Even though the Batman Beyond series stars a newer, younger Batman named Terry McGinnis with an older Bruce Wayne serving has his mentor, several different Arkham games have included a Batman Beyond outfit for Bruce Wayne to suit up in, and Arkham Knight’s is clearly one of the more cool-looking designs.

According to the Prime 1 store page, the new Arkham Knight Batman Beyond statue should be ready for shipping at some point between November of this year and next January. In total, the statue costs a cool $940, and there are only 350 statues being made worldwide, so if you like collecting rare, exorbitantly-priced video game statues, the latest from Prime 1 certainly fits both criteria.