New Anthem video shows a 20-minute preview of a full game mission

During last month’s E3 event, Electronic Arts and BioWare showed an abridged gameplay demo for Anthem, BioWare’s upcoming online RPG that’s set to launch early next year on February 22. The full 20-minute video walkthrough was reserved for behind-closed-doors press showings that weren’t available to the public (and we even covered the video demo in our recent E3 preview for Anthem), but now, BioWare has uploaded the full video for anyone to view.

The video, which is narrated by BioWare lead producer Ben Irving, features a full playthrough of the stronghold mission ‘Scars and Villainy.’ Viewers can see how Anthem’s narrative elements seamlessly blend with the multiplayer-focused open world gameplay, and Irving is also careful to mention that playing solo will be an option as well. Each mission in Anthem will support in-progress joining in case you have a friend who wants to join up even after you’ve already started a mission. Enemies will also auto-scale to accommodate the level of the player that’s fighting them, so even if you’re level 30 and your friend is only level one, you’ll still be able to do missions together.

Later on in the video, Irving also touches on the various efforts BioWare is making to ensure Anthem feels like an immersive online social experience. Such efforts include emergent world events that players can randomly encounter while exploring, boss fights that focus more on proper use of tactics rather than just endlessly shooting bullet-sponge enemies (a criticism often leveled at Bungie’s Destiny series), and the presence of player-run clans for those who want to fully utilize the game’s social elements.

Anthem is set to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22, 2019.