NetherRealm confirms July release for Injustice 2’s Sub-Zero

NetherRealm has confirmed that Injustice 2’s second DLC character, the iconic Mortal Kombat ice ninja Sub-Zero who is also serving as the game’s first crossover character, will be arriving in early July, though sadly not as early as some fans originally hoped.

Previous speculation suggested that Sub-Zero would be released on July 4, but as NetherRealm head Ed Boon himself recently tweeted, it would seem said speculation was a week off as it turns out Sub-Zero’s actual release date is July 11. If Sub-Zero follows the same release pattern as previously-released DLC character Red Hood, July 11 will be the date he becomes available to owners of Injustice 2’s Ultimate Edition/Fighter Pack 1, with a subsequent public release a week later.

After Sub-Zero, Injustice 2’s next DLC character will be the iconic Teen Titan Starfire. Six more as-yet-revealed characters will follow after that.