MSI shines bright at CES 2018

We got a chance to check out MSI’s suite before the first day of CES 2018, and it was lit up like the sun with all sorts of RGB goodness. This isn’t a huge surprise really, but it was still a staggering array of products, and almost all of them had that multi-color twinkle that’s become so popular in the last few years.

Seeing the future

It’s more than just bright lights though; MSI is bringing some interesting tech to the table in the upcoming year. Arguably their most exciting new initiative is the Optix MPG27C and MPG27CQ gaming monitors. These 1800R curve displays feature 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rates, and either a 1080 or 1440 display resolution depending on the model.

What’s interesting about these displays in addition to the solid specs, is MSI’s ingenious use of light as a way to further game immersion. Using a series of LEDs underneath the screen, it can be used as an in game indicator, to showcase your health or remaining ammo for example, and integrates with SteelSeries GameSense in order to do so.

This is a cool feature, but it is limited to whatever games support it, so your copy of Half Life 2 probably isn’t going to work. PUBG should be supported soon though, so that should make a lot of gamers happy.

The Raider and Mystic Light

MSI also showed off the newest entry in their laptop line, the Raider 63VR/73 VR ready laptop. It’s available in a wide variety of configurations, but they all have a snazzy new RGB racing stripes. These RGB strips sync with MSI’s RGB software, so your keyboards and everything else will continue to look sufficiently awesome.

Speaking of Mystic Light, MSI is doing something pretty great with their light software. They had a few Corsair peripherals hooked up, and everything was in sync using Mystic Light.

The implications of this are actually huge; being able to theoretically have all of your peripherals controlled by one hub software could be a game changer, and we’re excited to see where this will go.


MSI also showed off their new version of the Trident, the console sized, VR ready gaming desktop in Arctic white. This little guy is sporting a clean, aggressive look, and for the first time, is running off an 8th Gen CPU, and crushing FPS with a GTX 1080 GPU. If you’re looking for a console killer, this is a serious contender, and it’s cool to see MSI continuing to update this particular line.

MSI also updated its Infinite X line of gaming desktops with all the latest hardware, so they’re providing a variety of desktop solutions in addition to their huge collection of laptops.

Custom PCs

But MSI branded desktops weren’t the only ones on display. There were also some stunningly beautiful builds from the likes of CyperpowerPC and Xidax, put together with MSI parts and a whole lotta custom love. Looking at these beautiful machines, of all shapes and sizes was a clear reminder of what you can do with high end components and some creativity.


In addition to their newest updates, MSI also had their huge collection of components on display. We’ve talked about MSI's motherboards and GPUs at length, especially the kick ass “Godlike” board with a built in Ethernet switch.

Though there wasn’t anything hugely new on the GPU front, considering how may excellent cards at different price points MSI is offering, there’s still plenty to get excited about.

For more, follow along with us at CES 2018 all week long.