Mortal Shell: How to find the Corrupted Sester, Molten Spike, and hidden Baghead Ending

Like any good Souls-like game, Cold Symmetry’s recently released Mortal Shell has a great many secrets to uncover, which is especially impressive given how compact its total world space is. There is admittedly a certain degree of satisfaction to be found in uncovering these secrets all on your own, but if you’d rather skip all the guesswork, we’ve got you covered.

In the below guide, we’ll pull back the curtain on not one but three of Mortal Shell’s better-kept secrets, explaining what they are and where to find them. Completionists and achievement hunters will want to find and unlock the hidden “Baghead Ending” to add another achievement/trophy to their collection. Combat enthusiasts, meanwhile, would do well to seek out the Molten Spike weapon upgrade and Corrupted Sester merchant for reasons we’ll soon explain in greater detail.

Finding the Corrupted Sester Merchant

Sester Genessa is one of the most important and helpful NPC’s in Mortal Shell since it’s through her that players can checkpoint their progress, use tar to upgrade their shells, and spend glimpses on valuable items. However, what most players might not be aware of is that Sester Genessa also has a creepy doppelganger of sorts aptly named the Corrupted Sester. Thankfully, despite her foreboding name and the unnerving red mask she wears, the Corrupted Sester isn’t hostile and will indeed offer her own unique stock of items should the player manage to locate her.

To find the Corrupted Sester, you’ll want to head over towards the Eternal Narthex temple (also known as the Seat of Infinity). If you’ve already been playing Mortal Shell for a while, you’ll recognize the entrance to Eternal Narthex as the same area where the Eredrim shell is found. As you’re approaching the stairs leading up to the temple’s entrance, veer left and you’ll see a sort of “path” weaving through the large stone blocks on the ground.

Eventually, you should spot a doorway carved into the large wall on your right which leads into a small alcove housing the Corrupted Sester. If you try to speak to her, the Corrupted Sester won’t say anything, but she does offer a number of items which you can purchase using tar. The Corrupted Sester’s stock includes the following items:

  • Tainted Nektar – 250 tar
  • Effigy of Harros – 500 tar
  • Effigy of Solomon – 1,000 tar
  • Effigy of Eredrim – 2,500 tar
  • Effigy of Tiel – 1,000 tar
  • Forbidden Offering – 3,000 tar

The Tainted Nektar and various effigies are useful in their own right, but the big prize here is undoubtedly the Forbidden Offering weapon upgrade. When slotted into a weapon, the Forbidden Offering drastically boosts the rate at which you build up resolve during combat, allowing you to perform empowered ripostes and special weapon attacks more often.

Note that the Corrupted Sester’s Forbidden Offering is the only one in the entire game, so make sure you decide carefully on which weapon to slot it into.

Locating the Molten Spike Weapon Upgrade

The Molten Spike is a unique weapon upgrade item that allows you to further bolster the special attack properties of the Hallowed Sword. Basically, the Molten Spike is a souped-up version of the Hallowed Sword’s default Mechanical Spike weapon upgrade, one which boosts total special attack damage and adds a lingering burning effect on the enemy it hits.

To find the Molten Spike, you’ll need to play through the game a bit until you beat your first temple boss and thus obtain your first Sacred Gland. With the Sacred Gland in your possession, an eerie fog will descent over the central outdoor region of Fallgrim and all of the usual outdoor enemies will be replaced by Nocteserpers.

You can lift the fog by taking the Sacred Gland back to the Old Prisoner in Fallgrim Tower, and the first time you trigger the fog a new NPC named Thestus will also show up at the tower. After you lift the fog by speaking to the Old Prisoner, you can manually trigger and/or lift the fog by speaking to Thestus and giving him one glimpse.

While the fog is active, you’ll also notice you can now interact with the various “frog chests” (the small frog-like statues) which are dotted around the Fallgrim landscape (they emit a distinct glow while the fog is active). It’s in one of these frog chests that you’ll find the Molten Spike, but you’ll need to go through a powerful Grisha mini-boss to claim it first.

To locate the Grisha-guarded frog chest containing the Molten Spike, head out from Fallgrim Tower while the fog is active and take a right. You’ll want to head over towards the swamp area where the large frog NPC Gorf is located. There’s a water stream near Gorf you can follow downriver to reach a large cave. Normally this cave contains a brigand camp, but during the fog, it instead houses a dangerous Grisha. Defeat the Grisha and you’ll earn the right to claim the Molten Spike from the nearby frog chest.        

Unlocking the Hidden Baghead Ending

Up on a circular ridge near Gorf, there’s a group of brigands whom you can fight through to reach yet another NPC hanging out on a root of the large tree that Gorf sits under. This NPC appears at first glance to be yet another brigand wearing a bag on his head, but if you approach him you’ll discover that the aptly named Baghead isn’t actually hostile.

Speaking to Baghead reveals that he doesn’t want to fight you like his brethren, he just wants to eat, drink, and be merry. If you speak to Baghead while lacking the appropriate item he wants, he’ll remark on how he’s hungry. While he doesn’t explicitly say so, Baghead’s got a craving for some Roasted Rat, and you’ll be able to hand some over should you have it in your inventory. You can find Roasted Rat by defeating brigands out in the world, or you can purchase some from the merchant Vlas in Fallgrim Tower for 100 tar.

With his hunger pangs sated, Baghead will next need your help with quenching his thirst. Specifically, he wants a bottle of Superior Moonshine. This item might be a little harder to come by since it’s only found in certain chests and as a rare drop from brigands. If you don’t already have a Superior Moonshine bottle, just keep exploring Fallgrim, open any chests you find, and defeat as many brigands as you’re able and you should eventually find one.

After you give Baghead the Superior Moonshine, he’ll invite you to sit down and enjoy the carefree lifestyle alongside him. A cinematic will play showing your character playing the lute as the troubles befalling Fallgrim continue on unabated. The game’s credits will also roll, hence why this cinematic is referred to as the “Baghead Ending.” However, triggering the Baghead Ending doesn’t technically end the game.

Once the cinematic has concluded, you’ll receive an achievement/trophy notification before respawning back at Sester Genessa in Fallgrim Tower. Your total progress in the game will remain the same, allowing you to pick up where you left off before you triggered the Baghead Ending. This means you can safely trigger the Baghead Ending even if you haven’t yet recovered all of the Sacred Glands or if there are other objectives you have yet to complete.

Mortal Shell is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.