Monster Hunter: World: How to get the Assassin’s Hood and Bayek Layered Armor

Last year was a pretty great year for both Capcom and Ubisoft. Monster Hunter: World was Capcom’s best-selling game ever, and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise was revitalized by the excellent Odyssey after a strong showing from 2017’s Origins. Monster Hunter: World has already crossed over with Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Final Fantasy, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Bayek from Assassin’s Creed: Origins is joining the party. This crossover event is available until January 10 and is currently active on only the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, so PC players will need to be patient for now.

This new event crossover offers up two pieces of gear including an extremely stylish Assassin’s cowl, but requires Hunters to beat a tough challenge to prove their worth.  Read on and we’ll let you know exactly what to do to earn the Assassin’s gear in Monster Hunter.

SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce

The quest title may be a fart joke, but challenging these three monsters in close quarters is nothing to laugh at. The SDF quest can be found under the “Events” tab on the quest board or at your Handler, and it tasks you with defeating an Odogaron, a Deviljho, and a Lunastra in the Special Arena. Odogaron isn’t especially difficult, but both Deviljho and Lunastra present some problems, especially since you can’t run away and catch your breath in the arena. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can take advantage of to tip the scales in your favor.

The battle takes place in two stages; fortunately, you don’t have to fight all three monsters at once, and Lunastra won’t appear until the other two creatures have already been dispatched. Unfortunately, Odogaron is small enough to fit in Deviljho’s mouth, and the green meanie will pick it up and use it as a battering ram if you let it. You can’t force the creatures apart by using Dung Pods in the arena, but you can use a Flash Pod to cause Deviljho to drop its chew toy.

If you’re feeling brave, you can also allow Deviljho to beat up the Odogaron for you. This is risky since Deviljho’s melee attacks increase in power significantly while he has another monster in his mouth, but can be easier than trying to deal with two monsters at the same time. Fortunately, Deviljho’s power and toughness are reduced in the arena, and it isn’t quite as difficult to deal with as some of the ones you may have encountered on the world map. If possible, try to do this quest with a friend so that each of you can keep one monster busy and separated from the other.

Nothing is true

For this first stage, keep in mind both Odogaron and Deviljho have special abilities which can cause status effects. Odogaron’s Bleed is easier to deal with, but can be deadly if you don’t notice you’re afflicted. When you’re bleeding, your HP will turn pink and that’s the cue to stop attacking and evading immediately. You can clear the bleed effect by crouching and walking around for a little while, or by eating an Astera Jerky or using a Sushifish Scale. I prefer not to have too much in my inventory so I usually use the crouch method, but you can bring jerky or fish to clear the effect if you don’t want to have to wait to get back into the battle.

Deviljho can inflict two different status effects, both of which are annoying and can vastly increase the amount of damage you take if they aren’t treated. Dragonblight is caused by its breath attack, and when you’re affected by this ailment your weapon’s elemental properties are disabled. You can avoid this attack by equipping the Dragonproof Mantle, panic diving (running away and dodging) when it breathes, or simply staying behind its head as it attacks. If you are hit by Dragonblight, you can consume a Nulberry to remove the effect.

The other status to watch out for with Deviljho is armor reduction. If it catches and bites your Hunter, Deviljho’s jagged teeth will pierce your defenses and leave you more vulnerable to followup attacks. You can prevent the ailment by equipping armor with the Iron Skin attribute, or overwrite it by bringing along some extra Armorskin potions.

Both Odogaron and Deviljho take reasonable damage from Thunder element weapons, so you may want to bring one of these to the battlefield to maximize your damage output. You can use traps in the center of the arena to set up monsters for the falling boulders suspended above them, and this will hit both at once if Deviljho has Odogaron in its mouth when you trap them. Keep in mind Deviljho can still attack and spray Dragonblight while inside a Pitfall trap, so you may want to use a Shock trap instead. Try to save the Dragonator spikes for Lunastra, but don’t feel bad about using it if both Odogaron and Deviljho are still in play when it becomes available.

Everything is permitted

Once both Odogaron and Deviljho have been defeated, you have about a minute before Lunastra will make her appearance. This grace period allows you to re-sharpen your weapon, carve the corpses, and switch gear if you want to. If you want to use a different loadout for Lunastra, open your map and fast travel back to the camp where you started. You can then restock or change your gear by entering the tent. If you’d prefer to be on site when Lunastra shows up, she’ll come out through the large double doors to the left of the Ballistae. You can place bombs or other traps here and be ready to set them off for some free damage before the battle begins.

Lunastra is a tough fight any time, but becomes especially difficult in the close quarters of the arena. The blue flames she leaves on the ground are tougher to dodge, and her heat aura will affect you if you’re anywhere near her. You can counter the aura by bringing Cool Drinks or wearing armor with the Heat Guard attribute, but you’ll still need to avoid the blue flames when possible. You can also equip the Fireproof Mantle to avoid all heat damage, but it won’t last for the entire fight so one or more of the other methods are recommended.

Watch for her Supernova attack; you can avoid it with the Final Fantasy Jump emote with proper timing, or panic dive away from the explosion. The Temporal Mantle will also protect from this attack if it’s equipped when she triggers it. It’s hard to gain enough distance to avoid the attack otherwise, especially if you’re using a melee weapon to attack Lunastra.

If you’re having trouble defeating Lunastra or Deviljho, click the links for our detailed guides on defeating them. You may wish to swap your weapon after the first stage since Lunastra takes heavy damage from Ice weapons, and very little from the Thunder element. All three monsters take decent damage from the Blast element, so select a weapon with this element if you don’t want to change your gear midway through the fight.

Defeating Lunastra after taking down the other two monsters will reward you with a Senu’s Feather, apparently dropped by the Egyptian assassin’s pet Eagle. You’ll need four of these feathers to craft both assassin items, so you’ll need to complete the SDF quest multiple times to unlock everything.

Rewards of the hunt

Once you have two Senu’s Feathers, you have a decision to make. Speaking with the research commission in the Tradeyard will allow you to turn in two feathers for either the special equipment Assassin’s Hood, or the Bayek Layered Armor which will give your Hunter the appearance and voice of Origins’ protagonist. You can get both to complete the look, and equip dual blades to really live out the Assassin’s fantasy.

The Assassin’s Hood is unique in that it’s a piece of special equipment rather than armor, and it’s the first collaboration item to go in this slot. When equipped, it increases your foot speed and allows you to hide in bushes or tall grass more quickly. It lasts for six minutes or until you deal damage to a monster who didn’t notice you sneaking up on it. This isn’t a replacement for the ghillie suit, but you can get pretty close to monsters without them noticing you while it’s active. You’ll need 1000 research points in addition to the two Feathers to earn this item.

On the other hand, The Bayek Layered armor is more for fun than function. Equipping it will change your Hunter into the hero of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, so you’ll look and sound like Bayek no matter what gender or appearance your original Hunter had. You can’t mix and match this armor with other Layered items, so if you want to wear it, you’re committed to the full set. Wearing this Layered Armor with the Assassin’s Hood is a great look, but odds are you’ll have other equipment you’re more partial to by this point in the story. You’ll need two Senu’s Feathers and a whopping 5000 research points to unlock this armor; check amber deposits in the Elder’s Recess if you’re low on research points.

While Super Smash Bros. is still the undisputed king of the crossovers, Monster Hunter: World is shaping up to be a respectable runner-up. What other game lets you fight Final Fantasy monsters as an Assassin with Dante’s sword and Mega Man by your side? Things will only get crazier when Geralt from The Witcher shows up, and we’ll tell you all about it when he does.