MirraViz offers an incredbly high-tech solution to screen peeking in games

When two gamers are sharing the same display in competitive local multiplayer games, problems can arise. "Screen peeking" has been a widely known phenomenon since the days of GoldenEye, and though local competitive titles aren't as popular as they once were, the question of how to hide information from certain players when they are all sitting on the couch and sharing the same TV is one that still comes up for a few popular titles every year.

A company known as MirraViz is trying to solve screen peeking once and for all with their MultiView system, which they are showing off at CES 2018 this week. The device uses what the company calls "DirectedPhoton technology" to allow "multiple people to simultaneously view completely different content over the entire surface of one screen, without glasses." In the video above, you can see a demonstration of the system in action.

The technology relies on bouncing projected images back in the direction of their source, which allows different viewers sitting at different angles to view different images on the same screen. The system relies on multiple high quality projectors for the different individual images, so on its own it isn't enough to eliminate the scourge of split-screen experiences in games, but it would allow two gamers with their own PCs or consoles to sit side by side and game on the same large screen without being able to see each other's display, which is very cool in theory.

You can read more about MirraViz's technology and check pricing and availability on their website.

For more, follow along with us at CES 2018 all week long.