Minecraft’s Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Well, it appears as if the years of people shouting “MINECRAFT STEVE” at Sakurai every time a new character was announced finally paid off. The cast of Minecraft is the new character in Smash and frankly, they look hilarious. They don’t have ANY complex animations, moving as stiff as they do in their game of origin, but they also have access to the abilities they have from their game of origin, including the ability to build up structures on the stage. They are certainly one of the most unique characters in the game.

Unfortunately, Sakurai wasn’t ready to talk about the characters yet. A full breakdown will be streamed this Saturday, October 3. We can speculate on what some of their moves are via the trailer, from their ability to drop TNT blocks, build structures, and lock the enemy in a building filled with creepers, but Sakurai himself is going to give us a full rundown of their moveset in just a couple days, along with a release date as well. Stay tuned for our full character rundown once the stream goes live.