Middle-earth: Shadow of War trailer puts the spotlight on the Marauder Tribe

Monolith’s upcoming sequel Middle-earth: Shadow of War will pit players against a number of different Orc tribes, each with their own unique visual aesthetics and behavioral traits. We’ve already been introduced to the menacing Terror Tribe, and now Monolith has unveiled yet another Orc faction: the Marauder Tribe.

While the Terror Tribe is all about sowing fear and chaos, the Marauder Tribe prefers to partake in life’s sweeter pleasures, i.e. pillaging, looting, and feasting. As you can see in the below trailer, the Marauder Tribe clearly isn’t afraid to flaunt the wealth it has stolen from its conquered enemies, bedecking its members in gilded armor as they sit upon massive thrones and drink all the grog they can find.

The Marauder Tribe will be just one of many different enemy factions players will have to deal with when Middle-earth: Shadow of War launches for PC and consoles on October 10.