Middle-earth: Shadow of War is scrapping its entire microtransactions system

When Middle-earth: Shadow of War initially launched last October, it received a lot of flak due to its inclusion of an optional microtransaction system which allowed players to purchase gear and even orc followers for real money. Now, roughly six months later, developer Monolith Productions has announced it will soon be making some big changes to Shadow of War, with the biggest change undoubtedly being the removal of the entire microtransaction system.

In a recent post on the Shadow of War community forums, Monolith announced it will be releasing a substantial update for the game on July 17, 2018. The update will completely remove the game’s microtransaction-driven Market system, which means players will no longer be able to purchase Gold (premium currency) or War Chests that can contain gear and orc followers. Ahead of the July 17 update, the ability to purchase Gold will be disabled on May 8, 2018. Any leftover Gold a player has can still be spent before the July 17 update, but once the update is live the Gold will automatically be converted into in-game items.

Along with the removal of the Market system, the July 17 update will also make some changes to the Shadow Wars system. Monolith hasn’t detailed exactly what those changes are yet but the studio has said Shadow Wars will be more streamlined and will have new narrative elements. There are also plans to introduce other gameplay improvements such as Nemesis System updates, an expansion of the skill tree, new character skins, and more. Additional details will be revealed closer to the launch of the July 17 update. More information can be found courtesy of this FAQ which Monolith put up alongside the above announcement post.