Middle-earth: Shadow of War free demo now available on all platforms

With the launch of its most recent update, now is one of the best times ever to experience Monolith Productions’ thrilling fantasy sequel Middle-earth: Shadow of War. However, if you’re the sort who enjoys sampling games before you buy them, you’ll be happy to hear that Shadow of War now has a new demo that allows users to experience a surprisingly large slice of the game with absolutely no financial commitment.

The demo allows users to play through the entire in-game region of Nurn. More specifically, demo participants can complete story missions, upgrade protagonist Talion, recruit their own orc followers, and ultimately lay siege to Nurn’s orc fortress before claiming it as their own. Even better, should a demo participant decide to buy Shadow of War afterwards, the friendly orc follower they installed as the Nurn fortresses’ new warlord can be transferred over to the full game.

The Middle-earth: Shadow of War demo is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 (head here to find download links for your platform of choice). Just note that, even though it’s just a demo, it still requires a sizeable amount of free hard drive space (50GB on PC for example).