Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Mystic tribe bends dark magic to its will

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will play host to a large number of different enemy orc tribes, each with their own signature aesthetics, weaponry, and tactics. While each of the tribes will have their own methods for harassing the player, few will likely be as tough to deal with as the newly unveiled Mystic tribe, a group of orcs that has mastered the arcane arts.

As you can see in the above preview trailer, there will be plenty of reasons why Shadow of War players should be wary of the Mystic tribe. If a player lets their guard down in direct combat, a Mystic tribe member can blast them in the fact with offensive magic like fireballs, and unaware players can also be punished thanks to the tribe’s use of teleportation magic. However, most frightening of all is that the Mystic tribe also freely employs the use of necromancy, allowing them to resurrect fallen allies and potentially swing the tide of a battle the player thinks they have already won.

We’ll see just how awesome the Mystic tribe’s power is when Middle-earth: Shadow of War launches on October 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.