Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Feral tribe embraces their inner savagery

Along with the Terror, Marauder, and Dark tribes of orcs, Middle-earth: Shadow of War will also play host to the Feral tribe, a group that has decided to fully embrace the beast within.

As you can see in the below preview video, Shadow of War’s Feral orc tribe focuses on taming the various deadly beasts of Mordor, putting them to use as mounts, scouts, and supporting troops. The Feral tribe’s obsession with beasts even translates into how they themselves fight, preferring vicious claw weapons and crude spears over more traditional swords and axes.

With all of these different orc tribes vying for power and utilizing their own unique tactics and abilities, it sounds like Middle-earth: Shadow of War players will definitely have their hands full when the game launches on October 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.