Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Dark tribe is all about stealth and subterfuge

We’ve already gotten a peek at the new Marauder and Terror tribes of orcs who will call Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s landscape home, but now Monolith has unveiled the presence of yet another orc faction: the stealth-focused Dark tribe.

As you can see in the below trailer, the Dark tribe of orcs basically functions as Sauron’s personal cadre of ninja assassins. They prefer to stick to the shadows, sowing panic and fear before moving in for the kill. They can also apparently hold their own in direct combat, ensuring that they’ll give players no small degree of trouble if and when they cross paths with each other.

The Dark tribe will be just one of several different orc factions players will encounter when Middle-earth: Shadow of War launches on October 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.