Microsoft enters game streaming space with Project xCloud

Microsoft has unveiled an upcoming service for the Xbox One console called Project xCloud. As its name infers, Project xCloud will allow users to stream their Xbox One games to a variety of devices, heralding Microsoft’s flagship move into the game streaming space.

As this blog post explains, Project xCloud will facilitate the streaming of Xbox One games to devices such as computers, tablets, and even mobile phones. Game developers will be able to integrate support for Project xCloud “with no additional work,” and Microsoft plans on giving all current and future Xbox One games Project xCloud support. The company is even making the extra effort to create a custom touch input overlay so that playing on a touch-based device will feel as intuitive as playing with a controller.

Project xCloud is currently in its internal testing phase, but Microsoft says it plans on opening tests to the public sometime next year. Thanks to the power of Microsoft’s Azure technology which is spread across 54 worldwide datacenters, the company boasts that potential hiccups caused by latency won’t be an issue, though only time will tell if those claims end up being truth.