Mega Man 11: Boss order, weaknesses, and strategies

One of the things the Mega Man franchise is known for is its Rock-Paper-Scissors style of boss weaknesses and strengths. In fact, that’s one of the reasons that Mega Man is called Rockman in Japan. Mega Man 11 is no different, with each boss including end bosses sporting a unique weakness. If you don’t feel like searching for those weaknesses yourself, then just check out this guide. We’ll tell you every weakness in the game and suggest a few robot master boss orders for you as well.

Bounce Man

Weak to: Pile Driver

Impact Man’s Pile Driver can dash right through the multitude of balls that Bounce Man scatters around his lair. Even at high difficulties you can just spam this and tank whatever hits you get to finish off Bounce Man quickly.

Fuse Man

Weak to: Bouncing Ball

Fuse Man likes to teleport around the stage, but he can’t hide from the bullet hell that is the Bouncing Ball. Turn on the Power Gear, and fire the Bouncing Ball wantonly, even if you aren’t aiming at anything at all. The rebound shots will whittle down Fuse Man’s HP while you focus on dodging his attacks.

Tundra Man

Weak to: Scramble Thunder or Chain Blast

Tundra Man likes to skate around the arena and his jumps can sometimes make the Scramble Thunder hard to hit with. That being said, the Power Gear enhanced version is large enough to hit him, even when he is jumping. If you can’t seem to hit him with Scramble Thunder, the Chain Blast will do. He moves very horizontally so it’s easy to stack four mines on him and detonate them for massive damage.

Torch Man

Weak to: Tundra Storm

Torch Man is so easy he’s a joke. The Power Gear version of Tundra Storm hits the whole screen. So just power-up and use it, and Torch Man will go down in a few hits. If you absolutely want to avoid using the gear system, then just use it every time he jump-kicks you.

Blast Man

Weak to: Burning Torch

Blast Man is a toughie. His movement pattern makes him hard to hit with the Burning Torch, with its strange delayed arcing trajectory. He plants his feet whenever he is going to fire a large Chain Blast, so this is probably the best time to hit him with the Torch. Note, you can use the Power Gear enhanced version to get a wider spread, but doing so seems to lower its damage.

Block Man

Weak to: Chain Blast

Block Man moves slow so just layer your Chain Blasts on him and let them explode. When he summons his big golem aim for his chest and do the same. He will go down before you know it. Stick to the normal version here. The Power Gear enhanced version is actually slower and might be harder to hit.

Acid Man

Weak to: Block Drop

Acid Man likes to jump around a lot, but none of his jumps are outside the range of Block Drop. Unlike many other bosses and their weaknesses, Acid Man can be interrupted mid-attack with Block Drop. So feel free to use it basically whenever. Don’t bother using the Power Gear enhanced version though. It doesn’t do much more damage and it’s not any more likely to hit.

Impact Man

Weak to: Acid Barrier

While the Acid Barrier can block some of Impact Man’s shots, you are mostly going to have to rely on the Acid Gun. In general, fight this fight like you would with the Mega Buster, but with the Acid Barrier gun instead. There’s not much else you can do. I do suggest using the Power Gear enhanced version, however, since it means Impact Man can damage himself when he rushes toward you.

Yellow Devil MK III

Weak to: Mega Buster and Tundra Storm

Unfortunately there’s no pause trick to save you this time. You are going to have to fight the Yellow Devil alone. Even worse, it’s not weak to anything. So you are just going to have to Mega Bust him to death. Why have we listed the Tundra Storm here? Well, the Yellow Devil has a new attack where he breaks into nine copies of himself, and only one is vulnerable. This one takes slightly increased damage. While you can hunt it down with the Speed Gear active, it’s much easier to just use the Power Gear enhanced Tundra Storm to hit the whole screen.


Weak to: Bouncing Ball and Chain Blast

Mawverne is another super easy boss. You have to hit its outer shell enough times to expose its core. This is another job for the Bouncing Ball. Fire it off a few times and it will easily crack the shell, exposing the core to even more spread fire. That’s all there is to it.

Wily Machine Phase 1

Weak to: Acid Barrier

This is a tricky one. The Wily Machine is weak to the Acid Barrier’s acid gun. However, to get into aiming position you need to hop on the Wily Machine’s missiles. If you use the Power Gear enhanced version of the Acid Barrier, it will actually cause the missiles to explode. Instead, use the Speed Gear to slow them down, hop on them, activate the normal barrier, and then shoot the Wily Machine with your acid gun.

Wily Machine Phase 2

Weak to: Scramble Thunder and Chain Blast

This phase of the Wily Machine is technically weak to Scramble Thunder. You are supposed to stand underneath it and fire Scramble Thunder directly upwards to do the most damage. Every so often Wily will be close enough to the floor to hit with a ground shot as well. If you can’t hit him with the Scramble Thunder then just hit him with the Chain Blast. It does just about as much damage.

Suggested Order

In Mega Man 11, robot masters actually get more powerful the more you beat, so you can actually start just about anywhere. However, there are a few very important weapons to pick up depending on what strategies you want to use. Here are the four places we suggest starting, depending on the type of player you are.

The Boss Dominator

Blast Man->Block Man->Acid Man->Impact Man->Bounce Man->Fuse Man->Tundra Man->Torch Man

Blast Man’s weapon, Chain Blast, might be a little difficult to use but it does a ton of damage, even to robot masters. In fact, we’ve listed it as a secondary weakness to some robot masters because it does enough damage to count as a weakness even if you aren’t necessarily getting a damage boost. This route will get you Chain Blast as soon as possible to allow you to bully around bosses even if you don’t have their weakness. It will also get you the Acid Barrier, which can cancel out boss bullet patterns, relatively early.

The Stage Dominator

Bounce Man->Fuse Man->Tundra Man->Torch Man->Blast Man->Block Man->Acid Man->Impact Man

Bounce Man’s weapon, the Bouncing Ball, is practically the Metal Blade of this game. It does a ton of damage. It spreads when fired. It bounces off walls. It can be fired up or down. It takes almost no energy per shot. It’s the weapon that will replace your Mega Buster for many of the game’s stage. Its absurd spread makes it the go to weapon for taking out enemies in huge groups quickly. It gets even better in enclosed spaces which will allow its bullets to hit multiple times as they bounce around the room. If you want to easily blaze your way through enemy heavy stages, then picking up the Bouncing Ball first is your best bet. Unfortunately, this order won’t give you some of the other good utility weapons until the very end of the game but with the Bouncing Ball you may not need them.

The Defensive Player

Acid Man->Impact Man->Bounce Man->Fuse Man->Tundra Man->Torch Man->Blast Man->Block Man

If it’s not enemies that you are having trouble with, but platforms, then this is the order for you. The Acid Barrier won’t actually make you jump farther or anything, but it will cancel out any enemy bullets that come in contact with it. The Power Gear enhanced version will also kill enemies that touch it. Not only that, but you can still fire an arcing shot of acid while the barrier is up. This will allow you to focus on your footing while your shield does all the work. This order also gets you the Rush Jet before some of the trickiest platforming segments in the game, allowing you to use it to bypass them altogether. You’ll also pick up the Bouncing Ball relatively early, allowing you to handle most enemies with ease, and you’ll pick up the Pile Drive, which will give you a little bit of extra insurance while platforming due to its ability to air-dash.

The Speedrunner

Impact Man->Bounce Man->Fuse Man->Tundra Man->Torch Man->Blast Man->Block Man->Acid Man

If you are planning to speedrun Mega Man 11, then this is the only route you can take. The Pile Driver is an absolute must have weapon for speedrunners. It not only allows Mega Man to dash forward while attacking, it allows him to dash in the air. You’d think he was Mega Man X with all the mobility he has. The Power Gear enhanced version can even dash right through enemies without stopping. Speedrun routes will likely skillfully manage this weapon in order to blaze through stages in record times. This route also gets you the Bouncing Ball relatively early for more vertical sections that the Pile Driver can’t be used in.

That’s all we have for you today. Suggest your own boss order in the comments!