The Medium’s 14-minute gameplay trailer offers creepy, haunting vibes

The Medium is one of the first console exclusive games for Xbox Series X|S, launching on January 28, 2021. The psychological horror game’s key gameplay feature allows the player to move between our physical world and the spiritual realm.

And with that ability brings some creepy results. Developer Blooper Team recently shared a 14-minute gameplay trailer that features the main character, Marianne as she explores a haunted hotel looking for someone named Thomas.

While exploring, there’s rumbling and movement in hallways. A bell rings. A ball rolls down some stairs. When she enters the spiritual world, she meets a creepy, but friendly, ghost of a little girl named Sadness, who is willing to help her find Thomas. Marianne then needs to figure out how to follow the little girl from the first floor to the second by going back and forth between the two worlds.

Once she figures it out and begins to explore a bit more, Marianne seems to disturb a large and creepy unfriendly ghost.

Check out the gameplay in full below: