Mass Effect Andromeda gets a new ‘Andromeda Initiative’ trailer

N7 Day (November 7) is almost upon us which means we will soon know a great deal more about BioWare’s still highly secretive Mass Effect: Andromeda. In the meantime, a new teaser trailer for the game encourages fans to sign up for a new mailing list which ties into the in-fiction Andromeda Initiative.

According to a new mailing list sign-up form on the official Andromeda website, those who sign up for the Andromeda Initiative mailing list will apparently be able to earn rewards for completing special training objectives:

“The Andromeda Initiative is currently seeking recruits. Registered recruits will be among the first contacted to receive critical mission information, special training opportunities, and will also be eligible for reward upon program completion.”

The form also says that orientation for the program begins on November 7, hinting that N7 Day will mark the beginning of whatever exclusive content those who sign up are entitled to. Whether the rewards mentioned are merely superfluous extras like downloadable wallpapers or more tangible prizes like in-game DLC remains to be seen.

You can watch the Andromeda Initiative teaser trailer below. Mass Effect: Andromeda is expected to launch in early 2017 though a specific release date won’t be revealed until this year’s upcoming N7 Day.