Mass Effect Andromeda’s Deluxe Edition now available via EA Access

Mass Effect: Andromeda may have marked a new low point for the Mass Effect series (and may very well be the last Mass Effect game we ever see), but if you haven’t played it yet and still want to, Electronic Arts is adding a new incentive to do so via its Xbox One-exclusive EA Access program by adding the Deluxe Edition upgrade to the EA Access version of Andromeda.

For those who don’t know, Mass Effect Andromeda: Deluxe Edition includes the full base game and co-op multiplayer component plus the following extras:

  • Pathfinder Elite single-player weapon set
  • Scavenger Armor single-player armor set
  • Deep Space Explorer single-player armor set
  • Two exclusive casual outfits for the Pathfinder
  • Exclusive skins for the Nomad all-terrain vehicle
  • A cosmetic pet Pyjak for use in single-player
  • A set of deluxe booster packs for use in multiplayer
  • A digital copy of the game’s soundtrack

Even if Andromeda’s negative reviews put you off to trying it back when it first launched, the Deluxe Edition is still a pretty great deal to take advantage of, especially if you’re already paying for an EA Access subscription. At the very least, you can just download the soundtrack and immerse yourself in its epic sci-fi tunes while you wistfully think about what Mass Effect: Andromeda could have been.