Mafia III’s Stones Unturned DLC launches on May 30

Publisher 2K Games and developer Hanger 13 have announced that Stoned Unturned, the second major DLC expansion for Mafia III, will launch on May 30, bringing with it a new series of story missions and new gameplay elements.

Here’s a synopsis of the Stones Unturned expansion courtesy of a press release from 2K:

“Bound by a brotherhood forged in Vietnam, John Donovan never hesitated to answer Lincoln Clay’s call for revenge. Lincoln will return the favor when Connor Aldridge, a traitor who once left Donovan for dead, resurfaces to violently upend New Bordeaux in search of highly volatile lost cargo. To stop him, Lincoln and Donovan must fight Aldridge’s mercenary army side-by-side.”

In terms of gameplay, the expansion will add in new heavy weapons (like rocket launchers) for the player to utilize, armored vehicles equipped with mounted gun turrets, the ability to call in a friendly sniper to pick off targeted foes, and more. Fans can watch a brief developer discussion of Stones Unturned via the above video.