Mafia III’s Sign of the Times expansion launches at the end of July

Hanger 13 and 2K Games have announced that Sign of the Times, the third and final DLC expansion for Mafia III, will be arriving on July 25.

According to a press release from 2K, Sign of the Times will pit players against The Ensanglante, a murderous cult that employs violent rituals, blood sacrifices, and psychedelic drugs to spread its twisted idea of righteousness throughout New Bordeaux. When The Ensanglante use Sammy’s Bar as one of the locations for their sadistic rituals, protagonist Lincoln Clay vows to put an end to their machinations via any means necessary.

From a gameplay perspective, Sign of the Times will include new weapons such as throwing knives, psychedelic hallucinations that will distort the player’s perception of reality, and a brand new combat technique which involves slow-mo shooting. You can watch a video preview of the new content contained in Sign of the Times below.