A look inside the top gaming playlists on Spotify

Spotify has an intricate relationship with the gaming world. From the ability to stream directly from PlayStation and Xbox consoles to the dedicated gaming channel on the Spotify platform that highlights everything from original soundtracks to curated playlists. The Top Gaming Tracks, Hip Hop Controller and Power Gaming playlists have a combined following of over five million listeners.

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been an increase in both console streams and the number of listeners pulling both official and curated playlists on the platform.

In addition to Spotify’s official gaming playlists, there are curated playlists from brands and players and the developers themselves. We hand-picked our favorite curated playlists and spoke with Sammy Malave, Editor at Spotify North America about the relationship between Spotify, gamers, and music.

GC: What relationship does Spotify have with the gaming world & how is that fostered?

SM: Spotify interacts with the gaming community in a variety of ways, including partnerships and integrations, amplifying gaming podcasts on the platform, and of course, curating gaming playlists.

How do these collaborations come about?

Our most collaborative relationships are fostered by teams all across Spotify. We work closely with these teams to collaborate on upcoming gaming soundtracks, integrate Spotify into games and gaming platforms, and work with partners to highlight how Spotify is continuing to grow in the gaming space. All of these collaborations emphasize audio, with music serving as a crucial element.

Are most of the playlists curated by gamers?

Our gaming playlists are made in close collaboration between our team of expert curators and a wide community of gamers from around the world. Some of these gamers even come from within our Spotify community - the company has an active group of gamers who also share their thoughts and perspectives on our larger gaming initiatives.

Tell us more about curating the gaming channel.

With curation, our goal is always twofold: meet our users' needs, and reflect gaming culture. We want to be available wherever our users are - whether that’s on a home speaker or a gaming console - and create a seamless, connected listening experience throughout the day. So when it comes to gaming, we want to make sure the content we provide and the ways in which you can listen to it are accessible to a wide range of gamers.

What are some of your most successful music and gaming crossovers to date?

I think that our most successful gaming crossover would have to be our global partnership with Riot Games and League of Legends - where we announced that Spotify is now the exclusive and first global audio service provider of Riot Games’ hugely popular League of Legends.

It’s been great to work closely with Riot Games to develop content and experiences that we feel will really resonate with the gaming community - like an original podcast (coming soon!), a League of Legends hub on the platform, behind-the-scenes access to Worlds, and more to come. This is just the start, so we’re really excited to continue the collaboration over the coming months.

Some of the top gaming playlists:


Arguably one of the best gaming soundtracks and a favorite of fan and music lovers alike, the newly released FIFA 21 playlist is already a smash hit. A diverse blend of genres, languages, and cultures all vibing together at the same frequency, the FIFA soundtrack is masterly crafted and this is a playlist that anyone and everyone can enjoy and appreciate on first listen.

Ghost of Tsushima

One of the most beautiful gaming soundtracks on Spotify is Ghost of Tsushima, curated by Sony Playstation. It combines the games original compositions from with standout tracks from TOKIMONSTA, David Eyere and the much-fitting ‘Surf’ by Mac Miller. The playlist and soundtrack is just as scenic and panoramic as the game itself.

Grand Theft Auto

The GTA series and great music go hand in hand thanks to the innovation which was in-game radio that also lends itself to great real-life radio. The music is part of the trademark of the game and Spotify has curated the best of the best from the Grand Theft Auto series, starting with the classic “Billie Jean” which was a trademark to the 80s theme of Vice City. The playlist covers ground of both curated and original songs created just for the game and makes for a great soundtrack to pretty much everything in life, not just hitting licks and doing virtual bids.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skating 1+2

This is one of the most beloved playlists and soundtracks among gaming fans. The gameplay and the music itself is what defined a generation of avid players. Listening to the soundtrack brings you back to a world of discovery.

NBA 2K21

There's no question that sports soundtracks are the most popular on Spotify, so NBA 2K21's playlist is also one of the most listened to video game-related playlists.