Logitech's Lightsync technology is the best thing to happen to RGB lighting in years

For as long as customizable RGB lighting has been around in PC peripherals, gamers have been experimenting with ways to match the lights on their gear with the action on the screen. In search of greater immersion and just for the sheer cool factor, players have so far made due with different color profiles for different games or, on rare occasions, official hardware partnerships with specific games. But compared with Logitech's new Lightsync RGB software, rolling out later this month and compatible with all modern Logitech RGB peripherals, all other game-matching solutions are going to seem primitive.

In short, Logitech's Lightsync allows you to designate multiple areas of your monitor to be tracked, (in much the same fashion you would select areas of your screen when using streaming software like OBS), and your Logitech peripherals will change colors to match whatever color is dominant in that selected area of the screen, live as it happens. There's a very slight delay in the change (something you can control via polling rate options in the software) but you would have to be watching very closely to notice it. And if you're staring at your monitor, like you should be, the ambient effect will work perfectly.

Dive underwater in PUBG and watch all your gear turn blue. Monitor the portion of your screen displaying your health bar, and your peripherals will shade to red as you are closer to death. You can even highlight large areas of the screen and enjoy seamless ambient lighting for watching movies, with barely more effort than a couple of mouseclicks. You don't need to buy a special monitor, and the software itself is a free download that will work with a wide range of Logitech RGB devices already on the market.

Lightsync is even capable of splitting the colors on your peripherals down the middle, so that the right side of your keyboard (and your whole desk if you pick up Logitech's new RGB-heavy G560 speakers) will match the colors on the right side of your screen while the left matches the left. And certain officially supported games (including Fortnite, Dota 2, and Grand Theft Auto V), will have even greater integration with the Lightsync tech.

It is, frankly, incredible to see Lightsync it in action in person, as I did recently at the 2018 Game Developer's Conference. Logitech's video below focusing on the company's new  speakers doesn't really do the technology justice, but it's the best we have until we can get our hands on the new software and speakers later in March.