Little Nightmares II: Strategies on how to survive the nightmare

The sequel to Little Nightmares just dropped, and it's ready to kill you in grotesque ways, from falling into giant bear traps to getting eaten by claymation monsters that look like they came out of a Tim Burton acid trip. This one is way, WAY more frustrating than the original, so if you need a little help to get through, check out these tips.

Hold down the grab and run buttons at all times

The control scheme isn’t particularly complicated. All you can do is grab, use an action (jump if you are holding nothing), dash, and crouch to sneak. Dashing is basically always better than walking unless you are trying to be silent. Grabbing is your main method of interacting with the environment. By holding down dash and grab, you’ll essentially interact with the first thing you come across, which is good because Little Nightmares II doesn’t do a spectacular job in highlighting what can and cannot be interacted with.

Look for changes in Six’s animation

Six is basically a hint system. If she crouches down, then it means she can boost you up. If she picks up an item, it means you probably have to use a nearby item to solve a puzzle. If she reaches out her hand it means she wants to run together with you with the grab button. Finally, if she calls you from the other side of a gap it means you can make a longer jump, grabbing her hand to avoid falling at the last minute. Six will constantly clue you into what needs to be done to progress to the next area, but beware that you will have to go it alone for at least small periods of time.

Always jump at the last minute

Jumps in Little Nightmares II are uncomfortably difficult to make and many require jumping at the very last second in order to grab onto a ledge, or onto Six’s hand. In fact, special long jumps won’t trigger unless you jump at the very edge of a platform.

Remember, jump distance changes with context

See how I just said that you won’t make certain jumps unless you jump at the edge of a platform? Well, the same is true about jumps near-certain grabbable ledges, jumps when Six is around, jumps while platforms are crumbling beneath you, and much more. Mono’s jump height and distance is NOT standardized. If you couldn’t make a jump one way, move some things around and you might be able to miraculously make it. It’s better to just think of your jumps as a puzzle-solving element, not as an actual platforming maneuver.

Debris can be used as a distraction

There are lots of things you can pick up like old cans, shoes, severed body parts, and so on. Many of these don’t have any use for any immediate puzzle. However, they can be used as a distraction. Some enemies will chase thrown items before they chase you, especially if they haven’t seen you yet. Thrown items can also trigger traps before you get to them, giving you less to dodge around.

Lead enemies in combat

Combat, much like jumping, really should be looked at like a puzzle. Mono can only awkwardly swing heavy objects with a huge wind-up, leaving himself wide open if he misses. It’s better to let enemies come to you and then bash them in the head as they approach than to actually chase down enemies.

Progress slowly

Little Nightmares II is full of off-screen hazards that will deal you some cheap deaths. The best advice I can give you is to take it slowly. Unless something is actively chasing you, take time to look at your surroundings. If you are walking down an empty hallway, be very careful. Something will come from off-screen and kill you if you run around recklessly. Taking it slow will avoid the most frustrating bits of trial and error.

Turn up the brightness

The brightness test for this game just isn’t particularly well-calibrated. Play the game at slightly higher brightness and important items and grabbable ledges will stick out to your more. Yes, it loses some of the foggy spooky atmosphere, but it makes the game far more playable.

Collect hats

The main collectible in this game is hats that you can put on Mono. While they seem mostly aesthetic, you might get a small surprise if you manage to find them all.