Legends of Runeterra: The Demacia-Ionia deck let’s you troll and win at the same time

Out of all the experimental card decks coming out of the woodwork following the preview release of Riot Games’ new Legends of Runeterra, this one is the worst. And by “the worst” we mean the worst for whoever goes against it, because it’s one annoying deck. Unfortunately for the victims of the deck, it’s also very, very good.

It’s a Demacia-Ionia deck that follows one rule: Draw Fiora and spam Barrier on her until she gets her four kills. If you don’t know how Fiora works, she levels up if she gets two kills without dying. And after leveling, she needs only two more kills to automatically win the game. That’s not an exaggeration. Fiora is essentially the Exodia of LoR. If she gets four kills without dying, the game ends. That’s it. It’s over. She wins.

So, as you can imagine, Barrier makes it much easier to keep her alive through her murderous rampage. Sure, this card design makes her seem a little bit more Michael Myers than it makes her a master duelist, but who cares about card identity? Let’s win some games. Here’s how you build the deck. 

(Don’t worry, after we’ve explained how to build it, we’ll provide the code to add it to your game so you can get some free wins, too)

Step 1: See Barrier? Lock it in

Yeah that’s mostly the only rule of the deck. Anything that applies Barrier or is otherwise boosted by Barrier in some way will work well with this deck. Important units include Greenglade Caretaker, Brightsteel Protector, Brightsteel Formation, and, of course, Fiora. Shen is also incredibly important. Your win condition doesn’t rely on him, per se, but he provides Barriers himself and can give you a nice boost if you don’t manage to roll a Fiora. 

Important spells include: Ki Guardian, Deny, Prismatic Barrier, Riposte, Spirit’s Refuge, and Stand United. If you don’t want to run three Shen cards, Lux can be a decent option, as this is a very spell-heavy deck.

Step 2: Supplement with buffs and early damage

This build is incredibly early-game oriented. Why? Because Fiora’s a 3-cost unit, and you just need to get four kills on her to win the game. If you make it to late-game and you haven’t rolled a Fiora, you need to just rely on more Barrier spams to clear the board with your weaker units, because there aren’t many good scaling units or spells that provide much to Fiora’s cause. 

For that reason, you’ll want to go with some things that either buff Fiora to keep her alive or things that buff themselves to deal damage in Fiora’s absence. Some good options include Fleetfeather Tracker, Vanguard Defender, Inspiring Mentor, Laurent Protege, and Twin Disciples. Those Challenger cards are very important for early clearing while you wait on Fiora to stack up.

Step 3: Don’t wait for Fiora

Although your build relies heavily on Fiora, you can’t wait for her to arrive to start blowing your resources. If she never arrives, for example, your deck does very poorly late-game, so it’s best to just put your money on the early game with or without her. Work on damage stacking only a few targets, and just keep them alive instead. Most of the time, you’ll still be fine. The only games I’ve lost, even without Fiora, tend to be against Noxus aggro decks, so beware of those.

Step 4: Win


That’s the whole guide. Here’s the code to the deck. Happy hunting!