Legends of Gaming season 2 has a new cast, new games, same hijinks

Last year, Endemol Beyond USA, a TV production company, launched a YouTube network called Smasher and one of their flagship shows was the U.S. version of their U.K. YouTube series, Legends of Gaming. The show featured both pro and YouTube gamers going head-to-head in a variety of games (read our feature story here).

Proving to be a success, a second season was greenlit with a new cast, new games, and just a few changes. Don’t worry, though. Everything that fans loved about the first season is still there, the show now has a bit more continuity.

“The beauty of digital is that you get to respond to the audience and what the audience likes, so we knew, going into the season that there were things that we wanted to change right away, so we pivoted really quickly,” said the show’s executive producer, Rico Martinez. “Number one was the stakes in the actual game itself. We felt that it was important that the tournament itself had greater stakes, so we increased that. We also made sure that the games were more relevant so we have fresher titles and popular titles and made sure very episode is a different game. Those were two of the most significant changes. We also just streamlined and made it tighter.”

Although there are a few cast members from the first season returning, the new season will focus more on the entertainment and personality side of gaming than a mixture with the pro side. This season Syndicate will host the show and TmarTn and Terroriser return from season one. Joining them will be Eric from Restless Tortuga, Gassy Mexican, Misses Mae, Moo Snuckle, TheZombiUnicorn, and MCSportzHawk.

Youtube gaming legends Terroriser and MCSportzHawk battle it out against Eric from Reckless Tortuga and Gassy Mexican on “Legends of Gaming,” while (front row, L-R) host Syndicate, and players TheZombiUnicorn, TmarTn, (back row, L-R) Misses Mae, and Moo Snuckle react to the all the action. Winners from this round will join Syndicate in “The Hut” to enjoy victory pizza and recap their strategy. Photo credit Endemol Beyond USA.

If you notice, there aren’t any pro gamers in the mix this time. In season one, the pros acted as coaches to the YouTube gamers when they were competing in the tournament. While the combination was cause for some laughs, this season Martinez wanted a more narrowed focus to the audience they were serving.

“The coaches were originally e-sports type experts, and in their own right were very well-known and notable in the e-sports world, but the cast we have is more aimed towards YouTube gamers,” Martinez said. “So we just wanted to streamline that aspect. They were great, we loved those guys and it was great having them in season one, but we just needed to streamline a little bit more.”

For Syndicate, this is his first time doing any sort of hosting. While it may seem like a daunting task for someone who usually plays video games by himself with the camera on, he’s not feeling any pressure.

“Coming back as host is a great opportunity and I’m having great fun,” Syndicate said. “I know everyone who’s currently on the season, which makes it easier for the banter. I haven’t done a lot of hosting stuff before, but it was nice to see how from season one with Toby and how that turned out with editing and it was great. Now with the opportunity to try it this time, it’s been really fun. The cast is really cool and it just feels natural hanging out with friends and playing video games and having a great time.”

That sentiment is echoed by most of the cast. The experience in making the show for everyone is natural and organic and for the most part is no different than playing games with friends. At the same time, however, there’s still that competitive edge.

“Are we competitive? I think it varies from person to person,” said Gassy Mexican. “For me, yes. I’d like to say I’m not competitive because I came in with the mindset that I want to have fun, but I also want to win. I mean, why not? Of course you want to win!”

“I think it’s hard being as entertaining as you can onstage and be on the spot and focused,” added Misses Mae. “Half of the time I catch myself not even blinking, because if you blink you miss a second and that second could be something important!”

The second season of Legends of Gaming launched on April 12 and will feature 24 episodes with the first episode being Tmartn and TheZombiUnicorn (Op Infinity) going up against Terroriser and MCSportzHawk (Rogue Squad) in a game of Super Smash Bros. In episode two, TmarTn and TheZombiUnicorn battles Misses Mae and Moo Snuckel in a handful of mini-games in Mario Party 10. Episode three finds Terroriser and MCSportzHawk challenging Gassy Mexican and Eric from Reckless Tortuga (God Mode) in a 2v2 match in Super Mario Bros. U.

In episode four, which we’re premiering here at GameCrate, Terroriser and MCSportsHawk take on Moo Snuckel and Misses Mae in Minecraft. Check it out: