Learn more about combat and the setting of The Surge

The latest video for developer Deck13’s upcoming dystopian sci-fi title The Surge takes viewers behind the scenes as members of the studio discuss what makes the game unique and also reveal some of the tricks they used to make it feel like an equal balance of fantasy and authenticity.

In The Surge, players take control of Warren, a new employee of the futuristic CREO corporation who, after suffering a blackout on his very first day, awakes to a nightmare where all of the sentient machines he encounters want to kill him. Fortunately, Warren can unitize a variety of found and crafted melee weapons to fight back against the machines, and players can utilize The Surge’s unique limb-target system to focus on each foe’s specific weak points. However, as the development team points out in the video, quickly going for the kill isn’t always the best option, as taking the time to target and disable a foe’s armored limbs can allow the player to later take those armored parts and craft new armor or weapons for themselves.

The video also shows how Deck13 managed to make The Surge’s combat animations look and feel more authentic by having the motion capture actors and stuntmen who performed the motions weigh themselves down using heavy vests (helping to simulate the feeling of wearing a metal exo-suit).

If you like what you see in the video, The Surge is set to launch on May 16 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.