Latest Quake Champions video spotlights Clutch the killer robot

Bethesda and id Software has detailed yet another playable character for their upcoming competitive shooter Quake Champions, this time putting the spotlight on the robotic champion Clutch.

According to id Software, Clutch is a former mining robot which has been repurposed into an efficient killing machine. As you can see in the spotlight video, Clutch is certainly good at fulfilling its intended purpose, but its unique active and passive skills actually give it some enhanced survivability as well. Its active skill, Barrier, summons a shield that can protect Clutch from direct enemy fire while its passive skill, Still Defense, appears to grant Clutch additional damage absorption whenever it is standing still.

If Clutch’s defense-focused playstyle isn’t to your liking, then maybe previously revealed champions like Nyx, Scalebearer, or Slash might be more your speed.